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Lasik eye consultation assessment-test

Your First Step Towards Freedom from Spectacles and Contact Lenses

At Atlas Eye Specialist Centre, we offer all 3 generations of laser vison correction procedures to our patients including ReLEx® SMILE, the latest that German technology, Zeiss, has to offer. ReLEx® SMILE, the next generation laser vision correction after LASIK, offers the same benefits of LASIK but with improved safety, recovery, speed and comfort.

LASIK Suitability Screening ($9)

LASIK is suitable for most people but some may be excluded from the procedure. During the screening, you will go through an eye examination to ascertain your suitability and the type of treatment best suited for your eyes.



Eye degree check by qualified and certified Optometrist


Detailed mapping and analysis of the cornea

  • Determine if the cornea is sufficiently thick for LASIK
  • Identify any abnormal or weak cornea shapes which are not suited for LASIK

Slit lamp examination – Eye health examination

  • Diagnose any eye infection, injuries, irregularities and cataracts
  • Personalised counselling

Why Choose Atlas Eye Specialist Centre?


Atlas Eye Specialist Centre is a specialist eye centre dedicated to provide evidence-based and surgical solutions in eye health. We provide a range of comprehensive eye services including cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, collagen cross-linking and other ophthalmological procedures. Harnessing the benefits that modern technologies and techniques have to offer, we aim to provide our patients with optimal outcomes in visual rehabilitation and enhancement.

Vision and Eye Health. It’s What We Do. It’s All We Do.

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