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A moment with Si Pei, one-half of WIT X FOLLY


Also known as @ohhdivine on Instagram, Si Pei walked into Atlas Eye Specialist Centre sometime in July and had her refractive surgery assessment done. The assessment also includes a consultation with Dr David Chan, Senior Eye Surgeon of Atlas Eye. 

She shares with us some queries she has about Refractive Surgery and we’ve helped to answer them. Read on to find out if they are the questions in your mind too!

What’s the difference between LASIK and ReLEx® SMILE?

The biggest difference between the 2 procedures is that LASIK has a flap of 22mm created while ReLEx® SMILE is done with a 2 to 4mm keyhole incision. With the small incision, there’s no flap, lesser chance of dry eyes and your cornea retains its structural strength.

Both procedures are comfortable and have a relatively fast recovery time of 3 days, compared to the older generation – Surface Ablation (PRK/ Lasek / Epi-Lasik) – which takes at least one week.

Will I still need to wear glasses when I get presbyopia (老花眼) in future?

Unfortunately, presbyopia is age-related and no one can escape from it, even if you’ve had laser refractive surgery done. There are, however, some laser techniques that reduces the impact of presbyopia.

Does everyone get dry eye after surgery?

Dry eye is the most common side effect of laser refractive surgery, often associated with LASIK, and lubricating eye drops will be prescribed to soothe the discomfort, which would eventually subside in most cases.

I’ve heard that there are people who return to wearing glasses a few years after surgery. Does it happen often?

The laser treatment gives very accurate results. However, in some cases where the patients’ eyes heal too well, some refractive errors may remain. Those residual errors that are significant may be corrected via an enhancement laser treatment.

At Atlas Eye, should the surgeon and you agree that there are enough benefits for an enhancement procedure within 24 months of the first laser treatment, an all-inclusive enhancement surgery will be performed at no additional cost to the patient.

Can I wear cosmetic contact lens after surgery?

It’s a common misconception that contact lenses cannot be worn after refractive surgery. You can actually have them on after the surgery, but hold back for at least a month to prevent infection while the eye is healing. Moreover, if you have dry eye after surgery, having contact lens on tend to make it worse.

When can I put on makeup after surgery?

It’s best to avoid all makeup for at least a week. However, if you really need to, you can apply light makeup, such as foundation and blusher, 3 days after surgery. Avoid any eye makeup for at least a week as the small particles contained in the makeup could come into contact with your eye, increasing your risk for irritation and infection.

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